Medium Tip Paint Pens

Our medium tip paint pens deliver the same high-quality Japanese ink and tips you love in our extra fine (0.7 mm) and fine (1 mm) tip paint pens, but in a thicker 5 mm tip. When you need to cover more surface, our 5 mm tips are the best paint pens to achieve your desired depth.

Instantly transform your paint pen art with our medium tip paint pens. Shop online to choose from a 14-pack or 26-pack of 5 mm tip pens. Additionally, we carry oil-based paint pens that are available as a 24-pack that include both 5 mm and 1 mm tips.

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skin tones

Radiant Precision with a Human Touch: Pintar's medium tip skin tone paint pens expertly capture the diverse beauty of humanity. Create stunningly accurate details on ceramics, glass, wood, and more. With Pintar's fine-tip pens, your art reflects the beautiful variety of life itself. Authenticity in...

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