Medium Tip Paint Pens

Our medium tip paint pens deliver the same high-quality Japanese ink and tips you love in our extra fine (0.7 mm) and fine (1 mm) tip paint pens, but in a thicker 5 mm tip. When you need to cover more surface, our 5 mm tips are the best paint pens to achieve your desired depth.

Instantly transform your paint pen art with our medium tip paint pens. Shop online to choose from a 14-pack or 26-pack of 5 mm tip pens. Additionally, we carry oil-based paint pens that are available as a 24-pack that include both 5 mm and 1 mm tips.

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20 pack

Your Palette of Mother Nature: Pintar's earth tone acrylic paint set encapsulate the raw beauty and intricate details of the natural world. Whether your canvas is ceramic, wood, fabric or metal, these paint pens will help you paint with the colors of the earth, creating...

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Radiant Precision with a Human Touch: Pintar's medium tip skin tone paint pens expertly capture the diverse beauty of humanity. Create stunningly accurate details on ceramics, glass, wood, and more. With Pintar's fine-tip pens, your art reflects the beautiful variety of life itself. Authenticity in...

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