Extra Fine Tip Paint Pens

When you want a precise application of color, our extra fine tip paint pens provide quality that can’t be beat!

At Pintar Art Supply, we carry our very own brand of extra fine tip oil-based paint pens that extend to those hard-to-reach areas, making them ideal for lettering and shading in-depth details of artwork.

Fine tip markers are typically used in addition with pens that have thicker tips for contrast in your creations. Our extra fine tip pens have a 0.7 mm tip and come in up to 24 colors. However, these pens work best when used in addition to our 1 or 5 mm tip pens.

Browse our selection to shop our affordable, high quality extra fine tip paint pens for smooth, even strokes of pigment. We offer free shipping on continental US orders of $30 or more!

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skin tones

Radiant Precision with a Human Touch: Pintar's fine-tip skin tone paint pens expertly capture the diverse beauty of humanity. Create stunningly accurate details on ceramics, glass, wood, and more. With Pintar's fine-tip pens, your art reflects the beautiful variety of life itself. Authenticity in Every...

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